A Bit About Us

Fresh, authentic, and inventive.

We know your business is your baby, and you don’t send your baby to be taken care of by strangers. At 99Bits, we believe in a transparent and trustworthy business model that allows you to see the ins-and-outs of the whole process. Keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.

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Behind the Screens

Our Story

Each one of us have always had the entrepreneurial spirit. The burning desire to pave our own way, envision new products, and build them with our own hands. As our team grew, our vision attracted diverse and highly talented individuals, creating a shared and unified goal. The goal to shake things up, stray from the norm, and deliver kickass products.

Our team is highly skilled in developing products that fit perfectly in the future. Our products are built from understanding complex and unique perspectives. Our tech wizards transfer those perspectives and translate it into the futuristic, simple and cool existence they deserve.

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit

99Bits is a team built from experienced entrepreneurs. We know what it’s like. That’s why we work hard and strive to give your entrepreneurial journey the necessary tools to succeed. Bringing your vision to life.

Shaking things up

We encourage experimenting, iterating, and making bold decisions. The world’s leading products are number one for a reason, they set the new standard. At 99Bits we firmly believe that if you’re not changing the game, you’re doing it wrong.


Software can be a complex and confusing space to navigate, especially for newcomers. We want to demystify the convoluted process of software development by being transparent and open every step of the way.

Our Team

Ben Grande

Our Wizard

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Danny Grande

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Alex Todorovic

Our Captain

Alex The Captain

Abdullah Choudhry

Our Visionary

Abdullah The Visionary

Sasha Ivanov

Our Beautify-er

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Maya Alexandrovski

Our Communicator

Maya The Communicator

Shaun Finn

Our Liaison

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Michael Vereb

Our All-arounder

Michael The All-arounder

Linda Zhu

Our Mobilizer

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