Hello, May 2020!

It’s been a rough few months, but day by day the 99bits team is managing to stay stronger than ever (at a distance of course). However, we wouldn’t be able to do it without a good project keeping us occupied.

What is a better way to grow your skill, passion, and team bond than participating in a major AI challenge?

Another month means another challenge to dive in to, and this one is a BIG deal. 

We could not be more excited to announce that we have claimed a spot as one of the top three companies with a product in the financial services field participating in the 2020 Microsoft Discover AI Challenge!

This experience is truly humbling for all of us and serves as a reminder that, with our incredibly passionate team, driven by our boundless imagination, there are no limits to what we are able to achieve, and what challenges we are able to overcome.

Let’s talk more about the challenge. 

What is the Microsoft Discover AI Challenge? 

This competition was created to challenge developers, students, and data scientists all over Canada to use AI to build a more sustainable and accessible world. Institutions from all over the world are embracing Data, Analytics, and AI with the goal of creating smart and sustainable economies for the future. Using Microsoft’s cloud, and AI tools, competing teams must leverage AI and Analytics to create smarter and more sustainable economies. Teams can choose to focus on one of the four pillars: Financial services, healthcare, retail and eCommerce, and smart cities. Teams that are able to convince the Microsoft team of their solutions, win incredible prizes and the top teams are sent to the semifinals!!

Ultimately, the purpose of this challenge is to inspire students and alumni of all backgrounds to amp up their Analytics and AI skills to become a more active and influential part of the future.

Not only does Microsoft seek to advance sustainability, but it is also devoted to inspiring participants to use AI and Machine Learning to empower people around the world. We are one of the few companies tackling the challenge of advancing environmental sustainability using open financing data.

Take a look at some of the innovative solutions to problems affecting individuals around the world that have been developed past years of this challenge!

Okay, so what is OUR idea?!

Our product idea was originally conceived at the ATB Hackathon event we participated in back in February. We were challenged to create products that address problems ranging from supporting Albertans in their quest for a mentally and physically healthier life, to inspiring individuals and corporations to contribute to sustainable environmental growth. We took the concept we produced at ATB’s Hackathon and worked hard on further advancing the technical and business aspects of our solution, and submitted it to the Microsoft Discover AI Challenge.

Moneytree is a mobile app designed to put control back into the hands of citizens around the world, and empower them to create real change, by showing them how their spending habits affect their virtues. 

By connecting Moneytree to your bank account, each transaction made across various stores and services is tracked and rated based on the company’s values, environmental and other sustainability initiatives, as well as current media reports and more. As you spend your hard-earned money, our data aggregation AI informs you about the deeper levels of who you are truly supporting, taking a critical look at corporations and their impacts on social, environmental, and sustainability issues across the globe.

We are over the moon excited to present this project we’ve poured our hearts into, and cannot wait to finally put it in the hands of users across the world!

Stay tuned for more updates.


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