A picture of Ben in downtown Calgary

Ben Grande

Our Wizard

About Ben

Ben loves his job as our lead software developer, and CTO. He loves creating web apps, and iOS apps that solve real world problems and are both extremely powerful, and that are beautiful. Ben started developing web apps and landing pages for small businesses using PHP. Since then, he has developed several web apps using Node.js and mobile iOS apps using Swift.

Ben spends a lot of his free time programming side projects. When he is not sitting in a dark room programming, Ben enjoys drinking IPA's and other hoppy beers with friends.

Why 'The Wizard'?

'The Wizard', will wow you with the quality and speed of which your project is developed. You will leave 99bits believing that real magic was done.

In more companies with a more formal culture. Our Wizard would be known as a CTO. At 99bits, however, we believe that if we enjoy what we do, where we work, and who we work with, we will be passionate about what we create and have the most success in creating beautiful products.

Ben's other work

Ben loves serial entrepreneurship. He is the proud co-owner of three local companies, Terradigm, Serf Systems, and now 99bits. In all of his work, Ben loves creating useful tools to help the founders view full potential of information.

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